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Swim with free dolphins in full awareness and deep respect

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Prices :

The price of our dolphin trips is 1.100 €. Children under 12 have a 150 € discount. We also give discounts for families ... Please contact us for more information : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This price includes: the transfers in Egypt by private bus from the airport to the harbour and back; one week on board of our beautiful boat (7 nights lodging double cabins shared with private bathrooms); 3 meals as open varied buffet; snacks, water and fresh and hot drinks at will; the guidance of our dive and snorkeling masters and the activity on board.  

Are not included the entry visa that you get upon arrival at the airport (25 €), the tip to the crew at the end of the stay (not mandatory, 30 €) and alcoolic beverages (we have beers for 3 € the can).

Sataya Tourist Travel Service bv. can book your tickets from Brussels to Marsa Alam and return. The price of the ticket varies from 450 € to 650 €, depending on the season. Don't hesitate to ask for more information!

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) :


Cell phones and computers?

Cell phones work on board in Sataya intermittently. There is no reliable internet connection. The boat is equipped with common european wiring installations with sockets in each cabins. We have speakers (suitable for i-pods, computers and usb sticks) and a television screen.

What should I take with me ?

A few summer clothes; old t-shirts and shorts or a “shorty” (wetsuit with short sleeves) are welcome to swim with the dolphins or along the reefs to avoid sunburns and chill; comfortable warmer clothes for the evenings; a beach towel; pareos and swimming suits and personal belongings and toiletry. Sheets and blankets are available on board. Don’t bring too many shoes, 1 pair is enough since it’s easier to walk bare foot on the boat (shoes or sandals are not allowed inside the boat).

Don’t forget to bring the medications you need and any personal belonging that you might need for your health and comfort (including sun creams –bio if possible- sun glasses, caps or hats to protect your head from the sun or wind. Books, music, photo cameras ….) A usb stick to share the pictures taken in Sataya. A front lamp to read at night or walk around the boat when the generator has stopped. A summer sleeping bag is useful to sleep outside under the stars.

Don’t forget your snorkeling equipment (a long tuba, a good mask that fits your face and comfortable fins (choose MARES, SCUBAPRO or CRESSI rather than kits …) The snorkeling equipment is important if you want to enjoy the magic moments with the dolphins! If you wish, if you are easily chilled, you can bring a “shorty” to protect your self from the sun and/or cold. Special socks are also useful to avoid feet irritations.

NB For those who need glasses, there are special masks that you can wear on top of your glasses. You can also put a correction on the glass of your mask if you think you might come often ….

I have never had snorkeling experience …

It’s absolutely not a problem since our snorkel guide is completely available to help you make your first steps in the water with mask, tuba and fins …. The Red Sea is very salty and it’s really easy to float. Just let yourself go on the surface with a little help of your fins … Between one dolphin visit and the other you have time to practice by swimming along the beautiful reefs in shallow waters. If you are afraid of water, you can use armbands or lifejackets (available on board). Our snorkel guide will advise you and follow you closely to make you feel comfortable. Let us know if you can’t swim at all or if you are really afraid of water …

I can’t swim ... at all !

You can meet the dolphins even if you can’t swim. It’s important that you take your armbands or a life jacket. You’ll be able to go with the zodiac with the group and maybe, with the help of our snorkel guide and if you feel up to it, have some moments in the water with the dolphins.

Are the dolphins always there ?

Usually, dolphins come every day since early morning to play and rest near the reefs and around the boat. Sometimes they stay all day around the boats. They rarely don’t show up at all but it happens sometimes. Don’t forget these are free dolphins and they decide when and how to swim with us. Dolphins are very friendly and playful and they love to play together and also with us. However, it’s important not to touch them. The best thing is to swim with your arms close to the body in order not to frighten them.

Are there sharks in Sataya ?

No, there are no sharks inside Sataya Bay (the water is too shallow and sharks are not confortable in it!)

I have my PADI certification, can I dive in Sataya?

Yes, you can dive and our dive master on board will take you along with great pleasure to visit the beautiful diving sites in Sataya Bay. Please say it in advance. Equipment (BCD and regulator) are available on board.

NEW : you can also get your PADI certification on board in Sataya! Contact us for more information.

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