Make An Emission-free Sea Travel A Reality With Electric Boats and ecological products on board

In the past few decades, electric propulsion for boats is growing tremendous popularity to reduce noise as well as pollution. However, the ship's engines produce various emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2 ), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx ), methane (CH4 ), nitrous oxide (N2 O) and other non-methane volatile organic compounds, that have a huge negative impact on the environment.

In such a scenario, the reduction of carbon emissions should have the utmost importance. It is imperative to ensure the well-being and the necessity of the ecological balance in the sea. With the help of ecological boats, the tide of coral dying, overfishing, disrespectful behaviour towards the dolphins and sharks, can be turned.

Nooraya - Sataya Tourist Travel is the first company to use an electrical safari boat in Africa. It will be built in cooperation with Torqeedo to help you experience the modern and powerful mobility on the water. Whether it is for sailors, kayaks, motorboats or professionals, we ensure that our services along with the products such as electric boats will have minimal impact on the environment without compromising on convenience and performance.

Dive and swim with the Dolphins in their natural environment

​Nooraya - Sataya Tourist Travel Service is the fastest-growing tourism agency to organize the fascinating trips to Sataya (Dolphin Bay) in the Red Sea. It is a network of travel enthusiasts who have more than 10 years of experience in delivering a wonderful experience of dolphin trips to our participants.

When the two revolutionists envisioned the ecological change... 

Martine and Marc, the founders of Sataya TTS, envisioned to deliver innovative, durable and eco-efficient boats to the travel industries to set the ecological balance in the sea.

Co-founder Marc Voet of Sataya Tourist Travel Service, started his business in his garage in 1991 with a groundbreaking technology firm that distributes its sensing and instrumentation products across the globe. Since then he was active as CEO in several companies and created all over the world his own affiliates as one of Belgium's inspiring success stories. He is putting now his shoulders under a new story namely the "Ecobuilding boats organisation" where it is his goal to set up a world wide network of Ecological cruise ships for Safaris.

This will be done with several strategic partnerships such as Torqeedo Electrical Marine engines, CDWS chamber of diving and watersports, Green Fins for environmental protection, university of Leuven for optimizing solar energy and Com & Sens a world player in sensing techniques.

Egypt and the Sataya reef in the Red Sea will be the first trial where primarily it will be our goal of restoring a sustainable and healthy ocean.Therefore Sataya TTS is using electrical power to build environmentally friendly boats in terms of material selection, surface protection (coating), and propulsion. One example is that solar cells on the top sun deck supplement electric motors for propulsion."

Co-founder Martine van Nispen, is for 11 years now in operation at the Sataya reef and arranged a lot of travel services in her free time and has a profound background on the marine life in the Red Sea and all around in Egypt. She was the first trying to promote electrical engines for the Zodiacs already in 2013 and she stands already all her life for environmental protection and bio- food and the use of soil-based raw materials for production of innovative, eco-efficient and durable bio- cosmetic and cleaning- products.

She defends for years the rights of socially neglected women specifically in Egypt also. Recently she started up a project with the Bedouin women for the local production of the cleaning products and bio-cosmetics. Those will be used at first on our boats and hopefully soon by many others.

Torqeedo: Our Ideal Partner for Eco-efficient Boats

Torqeedo is a pioneer in e-mobility, and thus recognized as the market leader in offering the top quality electric outboard motors. It started from the garage in 2005 and now has set many standards in terms of safety and sustainability. Torqeedo offers inboards and outboards, top-class electric motors and highly functional hybrid drive systems ranging from 0,5 to 100 kW on a motor level and approx 200 kW on system level. The Company has received several awards which include, but not limited to, the NMMA Innovation Award 2019, Maritime Sustainability Award, Top Product 2017, Pittman Innovation Award and Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2016.

Torqeedo is our ideal partner as it is exceeding all our expectations to focus on the ecological aspect while delivering a world-class experience for snorkelling and diving.
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