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The best of Egypt

Nooraya is an Egyptian company created in 2010,  whose main purpose is to organize trips to Sataya (Dolphin Reef), Red Sea, where our guests can enjoy the magical experience of swimming with the dolphins in their own environment and snorkel or dive into the most beautiful locations around the reefs. More recently, Nooraya started offering journeys to the Ancient Egypt. We are most happy to welcome you in Egypt, settle you on board of the beautiful boat "Nooraya" and guide you through one of the most inspiring and powerful experience The Red Sea can offer.

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Galia, Webdesign en online marketing

The Red Sea

The Red Sea, where the desert meets the ocean, is truly one of the planet's most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments. It holds beneath its crystal blue surface an oasis of living creatures, reefs, and coral formation. Therefore, Nooraya organizes diving trips throughout some of the most beautiful diving sites of South Red Sea, inviting our divers to discover its underwater marvels and creatures: sharks, whales and other kind of dolphins that inhabit the Red Sea! Contrary to dolphin trips, the boat makes several stops during the week at the major and most beautiful sites of the South.
Galia, Webdesign en online marketing

Ancient Egypt

Sacred among the most sacred grounds of the Earth, Egypt accompanies man in his evolution since the dawning of humanity through its wisdom and monuments. Today still, new sites are being opened, new symbols are being revealed to guide us and support us in those new ways of being manifested in all aspects of our lives. Nooraya invites you to the discover the wonders of ancient sites along the Nile and the Lake Nasser on a beautiful dahabeya.

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